Colbert: ‘Whoever Did This Doesn’t Know Sh** About the People of Boston’

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Pray for Boston, We are All Boston, We Love Boston—these are the resounding messages of our nation in the wake of this week’s explosions at the Boston Marathon. The country has wasted no time in expressing its allegiance to and gratitude for Beantown—a city that took a hit, but within minutes, came back swinging with remarkable demonstrations of heroism and compassion; first responders, nearby residents, runners, shop owners, all came to the rescue of anyone who needed help.

While the tragedies of that day cannot and should not be forgotten, it’s this city's tenacity and generosity of spirit that’s become our salve, our proof that even in spite of all this, people are mostly good.

Those sentiments were echoed last night by both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart in the openings of their shows. Both praised the city for its resilience, but Colbert may have articulated it best when he described Bostonians by saying, "Nothing terrorists do is going to shake them...Boston was founded by pilgrims—a people so tough they had to buckle their godda** hats on!"

Here's to you, Boston, and to everyone who lended a hand to help.

If you'd like to assist those who are in need, even if you're not in Boston, visit TakePart's How to Help page.

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