Cohen likely to remain on Broomfield City Council as recall trails behind

Nov. 7—Broomfield residents are on track to retain City Councilmember Todd Cohen in the contentious Ward 5 recall.

As of 8:30, 53.47% of Ward 5's 11,243 active voters have declined the recall.

"(The recall) was a disappointing campaign full of falsehoods and nastiness, but hopefully now that it's over we can come back together," Cohen said.

Although the recall initially targeted both Cohen and Ward 5 incumbent candidate Heidi Henkel, the final ballot item concerned only Cohen, as Henkel was already on the ballot for reelection.

Recall alternate candidate Maria Boutrous would be elected if Cohen would be successfully recalled.

Supporters of the recall took issue with Cohen and Henkel's support of gun legislation the Council passed in January, the placement of industrialized water tanks in the city and alleged support of a homeless camp 2,000 feet from a high school.

Cohen and Henkel maintain that the claims made by recall supporters are false, including the alleged support of a homeless camp in Broomfield.

The claim references a staff memo the Council received in 2021 proposing a variety of solutions to homeless individuals camping in open space, including Safe Outdoor Spaces, or homeless camps.

Although the council decided not to pursue that solution and instead offered hotel vouchers, constituents behind the recall say that Cohen and Henkel ever allegedly supporting the camp is grounds for recall.

At a protest hearing in May, recall supporters declined to confirm or deny if any of the accusations were false.

Boutrous and other supporters said they believe the recall is in the best interest of Ward 5 constituents, and that voters felt they were not being heard by their current representatives.

"I hope this is the end of recalls in Broomfield ... and going forward, recalls won't be used as tools to undo elections or to abuse people as was the case with Henkel," Cohen said. "I am relieved and appreciate all the support."