Cohasset man indicted on charges of murdering wife sentenced on unrelated fraud charges

Brian Walshe, the Cohasset man accused of murdering and dismembering his wife in January 2023, was sentenced in federal court on Tuesday to 37 months on unrelated art fraud charges.

The sentencing comes after Walshe pleaded guilty in 2021 to selling two fake Andy Warhol paintings.

According to a report from WCVB, Walshe defrauded three victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars through the sales of the fakes.

Walshe is accused of killing his wife, Ana, in their Cohasset home. Her body has never been found and a trial date has not yet been scheduled.

Background: Cheating suspicions, life insurance could have led to Ana Walshe's death, DA says

Walshe was set to be sentenced to time served after pleading guilty in the art fraud case. Before that could happen, however, the judge in the case stopped the proceedings after a check from Walshe bounced.

That led to a new federal investigation into whether Walshe hid assets to avoid paying his victims back.

He is also facing allegations that he defrauded his mother, along with his late father's estate.

Friends and relatives of his father, Dr. Thomas Walshe, accused Brian Walshe of going into his father's home in Hull and destroying his will so he could take over the estate.

Murder suspect Brian Walshe of Cohasset is arraigned in Norfolk Superior Court Thursday, April 27, 2023.
Murder suspect Brian Walshe of Cohasset is arraigned in Norfolk Superior Court Thursday, April 27, 2023.

He was subsequently named as representative of his father's estate, which allowed him to withdraw more than $100,000 from his father's account and sell his father's paintings, jewelry and other items. Walshe was preparing to sell the house when friends and relatives of Thomas Walshe brought an action in Plymouth Probate Court, according to WCVB.

The 37-month sentence is seven months more than federal prosecutors had asked for.

Walshe's attorney, Tracy Miner, said in court filings there was no obstruction of justice in regard to the fraud charges. She said her client should receive the original sentence of time served.

This article originally appeared on The Patriot Ledger: Brian Walshe, of Cohasset, sentenced Tuesday on art fraud charges