Coca-Cola Unveils Living Billboard

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Coca-Cola Unveils Living Billboard

Written by Michael d'Estries

Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Federation unveiled the first ever living billboard in the Philippines last week — a stunning display meant to represent the long-standing partnership between the two organizations.

The 60-foot x 60-foot billboard features thousands of Fukien tea plants, with each absorbing an average of 13 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. "This billboard helps alleviate air pollution within its proximate areas as it can absorb a total of 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, on estimate," says botanist Anthony Gao.

In another creative nod, Coca-Cola created the pots for the plants using recycled bottles from various products in its portfolio. A potting mixture made up of a combination of industrial byproducts and organic fertilizers — a formulation that is stable and lightweight — was then added. A gravity-fed drip irrigation system helps deliver water and nutrients.

According to The Huffington Post, the plants are expected to grow quickly and will eventually cover the entire surface of the billboard.