CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks atheist tornado survivor: ‘Do you thank the lord?’

Lindsay Jolivet

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer raised an important journalistic lesson this week while he was live on the air, about making assumptions during sensitive interviews.

We've no doubt he'll be happy to elaborate once he's successfully pried his foot out of his mouth.

During an interview on Tuesday with Rebecca Vitsmun, a survivor of the Oklahoma tornado, Blitzer asked her if she thanked the lord for sparing her, her husband and her infant son.

The answer was awkward, though not entirely unpredictable.

"I'm actually an atheist," Vitsmun responded and then laughed awkwardly.

Young journalists take heed, this the unfortunate result of ignoring those lessons about making assumptions during interviews.

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The exchange has prompted responses on social media and from news organizations, including a piece by Slate calling for journalists to drop the religion from their coverage of natural disasters.

The message from many has been similar: No more talk of miracles, please.

One fundraiser for Oklahoma relief has already started to sell T-Shirts that quote the woman's response.