CNN anchor blames alcohol, empty stomach for alleged embassy attack: report

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
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Arwa Damon
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Arwa Damon, video correspondent of CNN, is pictured at the 23rd Mediaforum of North Rhine Westphalia in Cologne, Germany, 20 July 2011. Photo: Horst Galuschka (© Horst Galuschka/DPA/

A CNN anchor who's being sued for allegedly threatening and biting EMT workers in Iraq is blaming an empty stomach and too much alcohol for her behavior, according to a new report.

The complaints against Arwa Damon became public after Charles Simons and Tracy Lamar filed a lawsuit against CNN America after an unpleasant run-in with the anchor at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad last month, The Wrap reports.

The $2 million lawsuit was filed in New York Supreme Court on Monday.

Simons and Lamar, who are both EMTs, were attempting to treat Damon when the alleged incident occurred. The pair's lawsuit claims that CNN was aware of Damon's history of violence, TMZ reports.

The New York Post's Page Six has obtained a copy of an apology email allegedly sent by Damon after the incident.

In the email, a person claiming to be Damon writes that she was exhausted and "had not had proper food all day and clearly miscalculated how my body would handle the alcohol consumed. ... Needless to say, I am utterly mortified and take full responsibility for my actions, which are inexcusable."

The email continues: “I am being filled in on the details of my behavior. I am beyond embarrassed. My actions and words were entirely out of my character, and I hope that everyone can at some point forgive me.”

A spokesperson for CNN told Yahoo News, "We are aware of the lawsuit and are looking into it.”

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