CNN Camerawoman Says RNC Racism Was Depressingly Predictable

The measured reaction by Patricia Carroll, the CNN camerawoman who had peanuts thrown at her at the Republican National Convention, is so depressing because she's not even surprised about the incident, which happened on Tuesday night. Carroll told the Maynard Institute's Richard Prince "I hate that it happened but I'm not surprised at all." She also told Witches' Brew's "Fleur Delacour," "it’s not exclusive to Republicans, it could have happened anywhere, in Washington, D.C. or even at the Democratic National Convention." Carroll travels widely with CNN, so she should know better than most, but damn, that's sad.

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In case you missed the story, two convention attendees were thrown out after they pelted Carroll with peanuts Tuesday night and said, "this is how we feed the animals." The RNC was, of course, mortified, and a spokesman told Politico's Dylan Byers, "their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable." But that's a response you expect from someone who's representing a high-profile political event, especially one that's received some criticism for being too white. (Just take a look at Twitter's #negrospotting hashtag on Twitter to see what we mean.) Carroll's response on Thursday was a lot more shocking to us precisely because she wasn't at all surprised herself. "Bottom line: it’s not exclusive to the RNC. It’s a world issue," she told "Delacour," and it's something she's not unused to when she travels with CNN both in and out of the United States. Per "Delacour": "Trish recalled numerous incidents in her hometown as well as during her travels to Argentina and Brazil." Carroll told Prince, "people think we're gone further than we have."