Can The Cloud Break the Iron Triangle?

Craig Winter
HP Discover

You have probably heard the saying: “You can have it good, fast or cheap, pick two.”  Whether it’s been said by an engineer, project manager or general contractor, traditionally it has been conventional wisdom that you can complete a good project quickly but not cheaply, or fast and cheap but not good, and so on.  Known as the project or “iron” triangle, CIOs have likely reported these constraints to their respective CxOs, perhaps calling it scope, money and time but essentially it’s the triangle.  CIOs are expected to add value (good) to IT operations while reducing costs (cheap).  If they are asked to do something quickly, one of those two parameters has to give.   I attended the Gartner CIO Forum last week where I got a chance to speak directly with CIOs about their plans for the public cloud.  From my conversations about time to market, CapEX to OpEx, and reliability, it occurred to me that the cloud may now actually break the iron triangle.  Let’s see if the cloud can simultaneously deliver on all three constraints for IT. Read more about Can The Cloud Break the Iron Triangle? »