Closing arguments begin in trial of man accused of killing wife’s boyfriend

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — On Feb. 20, 2021, Dashuan Hunter traveled from his job in Washington to the Bakersfield home he shared with his wife, where the couple argued over her affair with another man, a prosecutor said.

Hunter left and made his way to the boyfriend’s home on South Hayes Street, calling his wife repeatedly while on the way, according to Deputy District Attorney Samantha Allen.

She picked up, and was on FaceTime with Hunter as he fired seven rounds into her lover, Reginald McCoy Jr., Allen said during her closing argument Tuesday in Hunter’s murder trial.

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“I want you to think about how sinister and cold and calculating that is,” Allen said. “He’s taunting her.”

Dashuan Hunter, 36, is charged with first-degree murder. He faces a life term in prison if convicted.

Allen said DNA evidence and cellphone records show beyond a reasonable doubt Hunter, 36, is the killer.

But Hunter’s defense attorney, Tony Lidgett, said there is another explanation: Hunter’s wife, Darrylesha Hunter, killed McCoy.

A witness reported McCoy had just got off the phone with Darrylesha Hunter when her blue Kia Optima pulled up. No one saw whether Darrylesha or Dashaun was inside.

She had motive, Lidgett said.

Earlier the evening of the shooting, Lidgett said, Darrylesha Hunter ran to a neighbor for help as McCoy chased her. She had a black eye.

Darrylesha Hunter may have later shot McCoy out of anger, fear or in self-defense, Lidgett said.

Police recovered bullet casings that were found to have Dashaun Hunter’s DNA on them, Allen said, and analysis of his cellphone revealed the device was in the area when the shooting occurred.

Lidgett said cellphone records are unable to pinpoint an exact location, and there was no testimony placing the phone at McCoy’s home.

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As for the DNA evidence, Lidgett said Dashaun Hunter probably loaded the gun months earlier, before leaving for his job in Washington. The gun stayed home, where his wife would have had access to it, he said.

Lidgett noted there were two DNA profiles found on the casings, and questioned why Darrylesha Hunter wasn’t tested to eliminate her as a match.

Before court recessed for the evening, Lidgett said the evidence shows Darrylesha wiped her cellphone’s memory.

“She’s hiding something,” Lidgett said. “What? She literally did a factory reset. Coincidental?”

Lidgett will finish his closing on Tuesday, and Allen will give a rebuttal argument. The case will then go to the jury.

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