Clooney's Cell Mate: Actor Gave Brad Pitt's Name During Arrest

George Clooney is arrested during a demonstration outside the Embassy of Sudan on March 16, 2012 in Washington, D.C. -- Getty Images

When George Clooney was arrested on Friday during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., the actor allegedly tried to pin his crime on pal Brad Pitt.

Clooney's cellmate and fellow protester, Fred Kramer - Executive Director of Jewish World Watch -- stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Monday giving Billy Bush and Kit Hoover an account of being behind bars with the star following the protest of Sudan's blockage of food and other humanitarian aid from entering the country.

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"I was in the paddy wagon with George, and I think three Congressmen and Martin Luther King III. It was dignified, an incredible array of activists and champions for the issue," Kramer recounted.

According to Kramer, his famous cell mate kept his sense of humor during the incident.

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"George was really the movie star gentlemen, he made everyone feel comfortable. He was cracking jokes," he explained. "When it came time to tell the Secret Service who we all were, he tried to pass himself off as Brad Pitt."

All jokes aside, Kramer said the Oscar winner is very serious about the crisis in Sudan, telling Billy and Kit, "He's knowledgeable about the issues, he's active he's engaged."

And although they ended up being held, the group put their time together to good use.

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"The time in the cell was pretty incredible, it was like a little conference," he explained. "We spent those couple of hours in the pokey sitting and talking about what could be done and how the United States government can lead the thought on this."

As previously reported on, the actor and his father, journalist Nick Clooney, were arrested for civil disobedience on Friday.

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The Oscar nominee was released several hours later after paying a $100 fine.

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