Clinton Supporter Mark Cuban Quietly Met With Controversial Trump Appointee Steve Bannon

Getty Image

Lordy, if this isn’t a sign of a pre-Thanksgiving news rut, I’m not sure what else would qualify. But this is a head scratcher, for sure. The paparazzi caught Mark Cuban, the man who hoped to be Trump’s spectre of doom, drinking either coffee or tea with Donald Trump’s appointed Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The latter fellow, of course, has prompted outrage as a future cabinet member, for Bannon is notorious for fanning anti-Semitic flames during his time at Breitbart.

TMZ has the photo evidence, which features Bannon looking over at a camera like he’s not thrilled about it. Meanwhile, Cuban’s rubbing his nose and not facing forward, so it’s hard to get a good read on his vibe. What sort of meeting is this, exactly? The billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner heavily criticized Trump throughout his campaign, but he and Bannon are not enemies, as this meeting confirms. As the New York Daily News notes, Cuban even called Bannon “smarter than Trump” and credited him with starting all of the “rigged” election fuss.

Perhaps these bros are simply being friendly, although the timing is odd. One would think that they’d let the dust settle before hanging in public, but it also looks like these two didn’t plan upon being photographed. Maybe it’s just a business thing, which would be the most logical explanation. Nikki Haley may have set her disgust for Trump aside to join Trump’s cabinet, but there’s just no way Cuban would come out as a newfound Trump supporter. However, he has emphasized how Trump deserves “a chance” to prove his mettle as president.

(Via TMZ & New York Daily News)