Clinton files: A Muslim might help deter terror

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FILE - This Oct. 18, 2013 file photo shows the White House in Washington. This is a year of auditioning, positioning, networking and just plain hard work for people who are considering running for president in 2016. You could see them stirring in 2013 as they plugged holes in resumes, took preliminary steps to build potential campaign organizations and made carefully calibrated moves to get better known by Americans generally and key constituencies in particular. Most _ but not all _ are ticking off items on what could be called the presidential prep checklist. And they’ve got baggage to deal with. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — An unsigned, hand-written note included with Clinton administration documents on combatting terrorism urges, "Send a Muslim!"

The one-page, undated memo does not say where the person would be sent. But it says a Muslim would help the administration focus on the real issue — terrorism — and not a perceived war between the U.S. and Muslims.

It says the State Department should find a prominent Muslim for the task.

The note is in the same file as an August 1995 memo by then-Transportation Secretary Federico Pena about a news conference where he planned to tell the public about increased airport security. Reached Friday, Pena said he did not write the note about the Muslim.

The documents were among many released Friday by the National Archives.