Climate activists block roads leading to German airports

Climate activists on Wednesday blocked roads leading to Germany's three largest airports in an attempt to disrupt cargo and passenger traffic.

The group Uprising of the Last Generation disrupted traffic leading to the airports in Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, according to The Associated Press. The protesters reportedly glued themselves to the ground until police arrived.

The group is demanding that the government work to end food waste, arguing that disposing of vast amounts of usable food contributes to hunger and climate change.

"Blocking highways or even airports isn't helpful, it's wrong," Environment Minister Steffi Lemke told weekly Die Zeit, according to the AP. She added that anger over the country not meeting its emission target does not justify such protests.

Earlier this week, the group also blocked roads in Stuttgart, Freiburg and the Hamburg port, the country's largest port. The situation led to German officials condemning the protest, saying that it was a "serious breach of the law."

The road blockages are similar to the protests led by the climate group Insulate Britain last year, which temporarily disrupted roads in London near Heathrow Airport and other cities in the country.