Are Clay and AD of 'Love Is Blind' together? They put rumors to rest

Warning: Spoilers from the season finale of “Love Is Blind” Season Six are ahead.

By the time the weddings begin in the “Love Is Blind” Season Six finale, only two couples are preparing to walk down the aisle and possibly say “I do.”

After Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell call it quits at the start of Episode 12, out March 6, Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande and Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre are the final pairs remaining.

AD and Clay relationship started off their “Love Is Blind” Season Six journey strong — but by the reunion, they were in a much difference place.

Here's what to know about what happened.

Their journey in the pods

Back in the pods, AD immediately gravitated toward Clay’s energy and they laughed together. When Clay stressed the importance of physical appearance to him, they briefly hit a rough patch before he realized that his emotional connection with AD was more important.

AD told that their connection in the pods blossomed after the minor problem.

“It wasn’t really hard for me to be like, ‘I’m not telling you what I look like,’ because there were 14 other men not asking me that,” she said.

She added, “So I think when it became like apparent that I wasn’t going to tell him that and that he needed to come from a deeper point of view, then I think the wall started to fall down. Then I think he started to get more vulnerable. But I didn’t have to deal with that, and he realized that real quick.”

They moved past it and he proposed. In Charlotte, they faced bigger obstacles as Clay prioritized his work and AD felt her romantic gestures were going unnoticed. He also repeatedly mentioned how his father cheating on his mother during their 24-year marriage weighed on him. He said he had not seen an example of a trustworthy relationship, which fueled his self-doubt.

So, was he able to overcome his fears? And did AD think he was ready to get married? Read on to find out if they said “I do” at the altar, where their relationship stands as of the reunion.

AD and Clay in
AD and Clay in

Clay and AD prepare for their wedding

AD arrives at the wedding venue and says she will be the first of her seven siblings to tie the knot. She acknowledges that without her confidence in her relationship with Clay they would likely still be “stuck in the pods.” She gushes that their love is “so real, so raw and authentic.”

Clay is dropped off at the wedding venue next and shares why he feels connected to AD. He says he appreciates how much she believes in him. “She’s my best friend. I could ride with her till the wheels fall off,” he says.

AD’s mom, Jacqueline, joins her as she gets ready to walk down the aisle. Jaqueline reveals she ran into Clay’s mom, Margarita, and praises her. She says Margarita is who she would have chosen to be AD’s mother-in-law. Jaqueline then gifts her daughter a jade necklace that has been passed down from generations.

After weeks of being mentioned on the show, Clay’s dad, Trevor, finally makes an appearance. He tells Clay he is proud of him and opens up about growing up without having a father present in his life.

Clay tells the cameras that it was one of the deepest moments he has shared with his father and that being on “Love Is Blind” allowed him to see some of the “cons” he inherited from Trevor.

Margarita also gives Clay a pep talk. She tells him to “embrace” the day and that she will support his decision no matter what.

Did Clay and AD get married?

At the altar, he says he appreciates that he and AD have been able to work through their problems and come back stronger the next day.

“I love that fact it’s a real relationship,” he says. “And although this has been an expedited process, I think me and you have been so authentic. We’ve had those real, uncomfortable conversations and got to the point we’re at right now.”

During her vows, AD calls Clay her “safe space.”

“You are a home for me,” she praises. “We speak the same language. We love the same things. You are beautiful. You are intelligent.”

She mentions that he doesn’t recognize all the work he has put in to become a better person.

Decision time arrives and AD says “I do.” Clay has a much longer response.

“This has been the best process. AD, I love you,” he tells her. “I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do.’ But I want you to know that I’m rockin’ with you.”

He explains that he still needs to work on himself but he wants to continue fighting for their relationship. “We’ll go through this together. I don’t care what nobody says. I know fully I’m not ready for marriage,” he says.

AD can only muster a “wow” as he continues to talk. He apologizes and she starts to tear up. When he asks why they have to get married now, she replies, “Clay, don’t do this.”

AD wipes away tears as she walks back of the aisle, with her wedding party closely following.

“Waste of my f—ing time. I’m so confused!” she says as she begins to sob. She starts to blame herself before her friends and family assure her that she was not the reason the relationship didn’t work.

Despite his decision, AD says she still loves Clay. Meanwhile, he tells his father that he stands by his choice. He reveals more about why he was hesitant to get married when speaking to the cameras. He says a marriage is a unity of finances and a business decision.

“I think the finances, I looked at it (and) brushed it off, but finance is huge to me and I don’t understand her finances like that,” he shares.

He also says he looked in the mirror and could not call himself a “husband” or confidently say he was “deeply” in love with AD.

Clay and AD. (Netflix)
Clay and AD. (Netflix)

Clay and AD chat and he says he doesn’t want her to feel rejected. They hug and kiss as she says she loves him.

He says he doesn’t want to break up and wants to go to therapy to process his doubts.

She explains that it is difficult for her to listen to him and process her emotions at the same time. AD says she feels like she was a “sacrifice” that was used to help Clay grow during his time on the show.

“I keep, like, doing so much for these men and carrying these f—ing relationships, and, like, it’s just not f—ing enough. And I don’t know what to do really,” she tells the camera.

She says she is disappointed her love for him wasn’t enough to make him say, “I do.”

In the final moments of the episode, Clay seems to fully process how hurt AD was by his decision. He says he didn’t understand “the magnitude of the situation.”

During her last confessional, AD confirms the relationship is over. “I don’t see myself continuing to date him,” she says. “You don’t wanna pick me. Somebody else will. I’m done. My heart is broken.”

What did Clay tell about their relationship?

Before Season Six premiered last month, spoke to Clay about his “Love Is Blind” experience.

In a separate interview from AD, he repeatedly praised her when speaking about their relationship. "I just think AD constantly shows up for me. She has my back. And she just was a good dynamic for me and she kind of really brought out the humbleness," he said.

Clay also credited her for helping him open up emotionally, something he struggled with before going on the show.

He revealed that filming “Love Is Blind” allowed him to process his parents’ divorce for the first time.

“I never went to therapy before, so I almost feel like I was getting emotionally (broken) down through this whole process,” he explained.

Clay said the story he shared with AD about his dad’s infidelity was “the first time I ever told that to a woman that I actually dated, so a lot of hard conversations that (were) had.”

“But I do think that they were needed for me to get to a different point,” he added.

When asked about the public’s response to their relationship, he suggested at the time that he expected to be a divisive contestant.

“I just hope that people (can) see that I gave it my all,” he said. “Where I was at at one point, I was a little bit hesitant towards the process, but then I got to a point where I opened myself up.”

He said after fans watch his relationship with AD he hopes they see, “if you open your mind up, if you open up your heart, you can find love. You are capable of. And I think my story displays that.”

Are Clay and AD together now?

After the finale was released on March 6, AD posted on social media about healing following her breakup with Clay.

The day after the finale, she shared screenshots from the episode of Jaqueline and Margarita comforting her on Instagram.

"Never underestimate God’s ability to put you in a position to bring healing and closure to others," she captioned the two snaps.

She added, "Some things have a bigger purpose- beyond our wildest imagination."

Meanwhile, Clay has been reacting to the backlash he received after turning AD down at the altar. He shared a photo of him with his mom from the finale and another family group photo on Instagram March 8. "At the end of the day- family is forever," he said in the caption.

Leading up to the reunion, he uploaded a video mocking some harsh comments about his actions on the show. "Reading the negative conspiracy theories about me knowing that they aren't true," he wrote over the clip.

In the reunion, Clay told AD that he had made a mistake, calling AD the "love of (his) life." They are not, however, together: AD said she didn't want to end up like Clays' mom.

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