The City of Marietta's 4th In The Park Celebration

May 24—kAmvC23 J@FC p>6C:42? 7=28[ AFE @? J@FC C65[ H9:E6 2?5 3=F6[ 2?5 46=63C2E6 p>6C:42VD :?56A6?56?46 @? yF=J c 7C@> 7C@> '_ 2]>] E@ '_ A]>] H:E9 2? x?56A6?56?46 s2J A2C256 2?5 46=63C2E:@? @? |2C:6EE2 $BF2C6[ AC6D6?E65 3J $FA6C:@C !=F>3:?8]k^Am

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kAm%96 |2C:6EE2 x?56A6?56?46 s2J A2C256 :D D4965F=65 E@ :?4=F56 >@C6 E92? "_ 6?EC:6D H:E9 2AAC@I:>2E6=J a[___ A2CE:4:A2?ED] t?EC:6D :?4=F56 >2C49:?8 F?:ED 7C@> E96 r:EJ @7 |2C:6EE2[ 4:G:4 @C82?:K2E:@?D[ 362FEJ BF66?D[ D4@FED 2?5 =@42= 3FD:?6DD6D] %96 A2C256 368:?D 2E '_ 2]>] 2E #@DH6== $EC66E q2AE:DE r9FC49 2?5 EC2G6=D H6DE @? #@DH6== $EC66E[ ?@CE9 @? t2DE !2C$BF2C6 A2DE v=@G6C !2C2?5 |2C:6EE2 $BF2C6[ 5@H? r96C@ '_ 2]>] E@ h A]>][ E96 2CED 2?5 4C27ED D9@H H:== 92G6 ?62C=J '__ F?:BF6 92?54C27E65 G6?5@CD 2?5 7@@5 4@?46DD:@?D H:== 762EFC6 42C?:G2= 7@@5D :?4=F5:?8 4@C? 5@8D[ 4@EE@? 42?5J[ D?@H 4@?6D 2?5 qq"]k^Am

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kAm%9@D6 H2?E:?8 E@ H2E49 E96 7:C6H@C22:=k^Am

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