City leaders press SCDOT for changes after new video shows deadly crossing guard accident

Video from a school bus shows the moments before a car hit and killed a school crossing guard.

On Friday, Fort Mill School District showed Channel 9′s South Carolina reporter Tina Terry the video from March 21 when Stanley Brucker was hit.

Terry watched the full disturbing video, but Channel 9 chose only to share the moments before the crash.


It shows Brucker standing in the yellow median on Springfield Parkway, looking north. Shortly after, he raises the red stop sign, looks south, and walks into the northbound lane.

Senior York County Solicitor Matthew Shelton helped review the video and other evidence.

“I don’t believe we could established without a reasonable doubt the driver was in fact at fault,” he said. Police decided to not file charges against the driver.

Shelton explained that the driver had to be acting in a “willful wanton manner” to be charged. This means he disregarded the safety of others, like speeding or weaving through traffic.

School and city leaders are asking the S.C. Department of Transportation for safety changes, like lowering the speed limit in school crossing zones district-wide.

A spokesperson says the SCDOT will update flashing beacons and clear trees near the main entrance of Fort Mill Elementary to provide better visibility, but a change to the speed limit is not in their plans.

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