Citizens concerned about officer shortage as police department’s jurisdiction expands

The Pineville Police Department is down more than a dozen officers with just more than a month before they must serve and protect an extra 3,500 citizens.

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The police department’s jurisdiction is expanding in July.

However, some residents are concerned about how the officer shortage will impact their safety.

Alan Vaughn has gotten to know the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers who he said have done a great job of patrolling his neighborhood.

“CMPD has been great,” Vaughn said. “They come through here four or five times a day.”

CMPD will stop patrolling the one-square-mile area and Pineville police will pick it up.

There are 33 police officers currently working in Pineville and the department needs to hire 15 more, six of whom will patrol the new areas.

“We are doing everything we can,” said Sgt. Josh Harb, with the Pineville Police Department. “We are still serving that community, but we are doing everything we can to get those slots filled.”

Harb says the police department is keeping pay competitive while offering $5,000 to $6,000 signing bonuses.

CMPD has a 12% shortage of officers.

Pineville is at 30%.

VIDEO: County expands Pineville Police Department’s jurisdiction