Church asks Opelousas police chief to resign, community members voice opinions

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY)– In response to the allegations and arrest of Opelousas police chief Graig LeBlanc, members of the community including a local church and the St. Landry Parish branch of NAACP are letting their voices be heard on what the future should look like for both LeBlanc and the city his department protects.

In the days following LeBlanc’s arrest, many were left wondering what the next steps could look like as major decisions need to be made.

Opelousas police chief, other officer charged with obstruction of justice

As a response, Christ Church of Opelousas released a statement asking Leblanc to resign from his position.

“Knowing that the chief of police for the city of Opelousas has recently, by his own admission, participated in an extra-marital affair we are calling for his resignation. We prayerfully invite chief Graig LeBlanc to resign, confess, repent, and be joyfully restored to his family and to Jesus’s church,” the statement reads.

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As the church asks for LeBlanc’s resignation, NAACP representative Shauna Sias said her organization feels that decision should not be made until the investigation into LeBlanc’s allegations is complete.

“We stand on the law,” Sias said. “We stand on the premises of due process under the law. We also believe in letting the judicial system do what it does. He has been accused of a crime; not convicted. I personally do not think the chief should resign. I do think that whatever the justice system decides to do, that should prevail.”

While Sias said the NAACP feels the church overstepped by making their comments, in a time of differing opinions and conflict in the city, Sias reads a statement from the NAACP saying now is the time for members of the church and the community to come together rather than creating more disagreement.

“While individuals may hold certain personal opinions about the actions of individuals, the judicial system, not the church, ultimately decides the innocence or guilt of a person based on facts and evidence,” Sias said. “We would invite the church of Christ to work with the NAACP St. Landry and other organizations to eradicate poverty and crime and violence in our community. Instead of throwing proverbial stones.”

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