Chuck Todd hosts ‘Meet the Press’ for final time Sunday

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NBC’s Chuck Todd, a veteran political journalist and D.C. staple, hosted the network’s popular Sunday political news show “Meet the Press” for the final time Sunday, marking the end to a nine-year run in that position.

Todd announced in July that he would be stepping down as host of the news program, a role that he has held since 2014. He will be replaced by chief White House correspondent and co-anchor Kristen Welker, who has been with the network since 2010.

“To say that this has been the honor and privilege of my lifetime is an understatement,” Todd said at the start of Sunday’s broadcast.

“This is simply the pinnacle of political journalism, and something my younger self never imagined. No matter how much of a grind the current political climate is, wearing me down on any given day, I still always have had a ‘pinch me, I can’t believe it’ feeling every time I hear my name introduced as the moderator of the longest-running show in the history of television.”

“In fact, I used to joke, ‘My goal is not to be the last moderator of the longest-running show in American history.’ And I’ve achieved that goal and then some. I look forward to passing the baton in about 57 minutes,” Todd said.

On his last show, Todd interviewed Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

“Meet the Press” is the longest-running political talk show in television history, and serves as one of the leading platforms for lawmakers and policy makers to discuss ongoing issues.

Welker, who will become the second female and first-ever Black host of the program, made an appearance at the end of Sunday’s broadcast, saying that she is “ready” to take on her new role.

“I am ready Chuck, and I just want to say I am also so thankful and grateful to you for this moment for entrusting me with this monumental, important role,” she said. “I take this responsibility so seriously. I’m ready because you have helped me get ready, Chuck, you’re someone who invests in the people that you care about and you have invested in me, and I am just so eternally grateful for that.”

She also said she aims to approach her new role as a reporter and will continue to ask “tough questions” to guests on the show.

“I want to approach this as a reporter,” she said. “That’s who I am, that’s who I’ve always been. I’ve covered three administrations now — the Obama administration, the Trump administration, the Biden administration — I’ve traveled all over the world with all of these presidents. And I really want to bring that to the show.”

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