Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans recalled due to fire risk

Chrysler Pacifica plug-in-hybrid minivans are being recalled because the connection to the vehicles' 12-volt battery may pose a fire risk. The company says 27,634 minivans are affected, from the 2017 through 2020 model years. The regular gas-engine Pacifica is not part of the recall.

The issue is with the minivans' standard 12-volt battery that powers the vehicles' accessories, not the high-voltage battery that is part of the hybrid powertrain. The connection to the battery may degrade, posing the risk of fire. Chrysler says it knows of "a small number" of fires that have occurred and one minor injury. Dealers will inspect the connection to check for corrosion.

In the meantime, Pacifica hybrid owners are advised not to park their vehicle inside a garage, building, or other structure, or near other vehicles. They're also asked not to carry liquids that might spill in the second-row seating area.

Starting June 16, Pacifica hybrid owners can enter their VIN number at the following websites to see if their vehicle is among those being recalled: or, in Canada, Chrysler also will be contacting owners of affected vehicles by mail.

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