Christmas Supplies Rocketed Into Space For Those Spending The Holiday At The International Space Station

International Space Station over the planet Earth
International Space Station over the planet Earth

A Christmas turkey, cranberry sauce, candied yams, and fruitcake were among Christmas items that were launched into space this week so that those spending Christmas day at the International Space Station could celebrate just like everyone else.

According to Associated Press, a Dragon capsule and its 5,600 pounds (2,500 kilograms) of cargo, was launched into space on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral in Florida. While the takeoff was a little rocky, if all goes to plan, those staying at the International Space Station over Christmas should receive their festive supplies on Saturday.

There was an initial mishap on takeoff as the SpaceX booster missed its landing zone on the ground, ending up in the sea instead. While those looking on from SpaceX Mission Control in Hawthorne, California we disappointed at the missed landing, a SpaceX commentator noted that the Falcon 9 rocket’s task was only secondary to getting the Dragon’s capsule into space.

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