Christine Brown and David Woolley get married: A look back at their relationship

Over the course of her 17 seasons (and counting) of "Sister Wives," Christine Brown has given TLC viewers an intimate look inside her life as a member of a plural marriage. There has been joy, children, plenty of strife and, most recently, a rather tense divorce.

Season 18 of the show premiered in August and follows the aftermath of Christine and Kody Brown's breakup and the strained relationships with his three other wives.

There's lots of drama ahead for viewers, but in the present, Christine has clearly moved on.

In April, she announced that she was engaged to the new love of her life, David Woolley. On Oct. 7, Christine and David got married.

Christine Brown (christine_brownsw via Instagram)
Christine Brown (christine_brownsw via Instagram)

Season 18 was filmed before Christine found romance once again, and we can't wait to see all the action. For now, viewers have seen her relationship with David unfold through Instagram.

Here's a look back at the mother of six's journey to love — the second time around.

January 2023: Christine reveals that she started dating again

After announcing that she was divorcing Kody Brown in November 2021, Christine moved to Utah to start a new life with her 13-year-old daughter Truely. In a December 2022 interview with, the reality star said she wasn't in a rush to begin a new relationship but was open to finding love again.

“If there happens to be a love of my life, boom! Sign me up. Of course, I’d love a love of my life. That would be great. But probably not yet. My energy’s not quite right for that situation,” she said at the time.

A month later, the reality star took to Instagram to ask her fans for dating advice.

“I’m dating again!! Holy. Hell. Awkward. Dating online is crazy! Any advice for dating at 50?!” she wrote.

February 2023: Christine announces that she's in a new relationship

Just weeks after revealing that she'd dipped her toes back into the dating pool, Christine proudly announced that she was off the market once again. On Feb. 7, the reality star shared a video with her Instagram followers and said she was dating someone exclusively.

"He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for,” she said.

Christine went on to describe one of the reasons she was so smitten.

“(He’s) incredible with Truely. He’s absolutely a dream come true,” she said.

Naturally, her fans were eager to get to know this mystery man, but the mother of six said she wasn't ready to introduce him to the public just yet.

“Right now I’m just keeping himself to myself though and I will let you guys know a little bit more information later but just ... so excited!” she said.

February 2023: The couple go Instagram official on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day in 2023, Christine introduced her fans to David Woolley, her new beau, and shared three photos on Instagram.

“I finally found the love of my life, David. The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took its first breath,” she wrote.

Christine shared a little bit about her new man, writing, “He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa.”

The 51-year-old ended her post by writing, “I never dreamed I could find a love like this.”

February 2023: Christine says she is 'finally happy'

Just days after going Instagram official with David, Christine posted a video of herself dancing with her boyfriend.

“I love having someone to dance with me in the kitchen," she captioned the sweet post, adding the hashtags, #finallyhappy and #loveofmylife.

David commented on her post, writing, “I will always dance with you my Queen.”

March and April 2023: The couple go on several trips together

Shortly after announcing their relationship, Christine and David embarked on a few adventures together. When the couple went on a weekend getaway in their home state of Utah, Christine Brown shared a photo from the trip and captioned the post, "I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with.”

The lovebirds also went to California with Christine's daughter Truely and had a blast at Universal Studios Hollywood.

“Making memories and going through adventures have always been precious to me. I’ve been blessed enough with the ability and time to make these core memories with my kids,” Christine captioned the post. “Adventuring with @david__woolley and Truely in California @unistudios this weekend has been wonderful.”

David also shared a few photos from the trip.

“I had so much fun in California with Christine and Truely. I love having someone to take spontaneous trips with,” he captioned the post.

April 2023: The couple announce their engagement

On April 13, the “Sister Wives” star revealed that she and David were engaged.

“David treats me like a queen and tells me I’m beautiful everyday (sic),” she told TLC. “I’ve never been in love like this before and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it.”

In his own Instagram post, David expressed his excitement, writing, “Everyday when I look at you I can’t believe I am the luckiest guy in the world because I have you. You are the most loving and caring person I have ever met.”

Following the announcement, Christine's daughter Gwendlyn Brown and her former sister wife Janelle Brown were quick to share their congratulations for the happy couple.

April 2023: Christine celebrates her birthday with David

While celebrating her birthday with David in April, Christine shared a hilarious photo of their "fun nacho date."

Many fans were quick to suggest that she was poking fun at her ex-husband since he once famously said he was “grossed out” when she ate nachos.

“I feel blessed to have someone to laugh with!” she captioned the post.

May and June 2023: The couple bond with each other's families

In the spring, the engaged couple spent plenty of time bonding with each other's families. Janelle Brown and her daughter Savanah paid them a visit in late May and had a blast going on an off-roading adventure together.

The following month, Christine and David enjoyed a fun outing with some of their grandkids and shared some adorable photos from the adventure.

On Father's Day, Christine honored her fiancé and thanked him for being a father figure to her children.

“Happy Father’s Day @david__woolley I’ve watched how loving, compassionate and present you are with your children and I love how you’ve shown that to my children as well,” she wrote.

July 2023: The couple celebrate Christine's daughter's wedding in Europe

David Woolley, Beatriz Quieroz, Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown. (@christine_brownsw via Instagram)
David Woolley, Beatriz Quieroz, Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown. (@christine_brownsw via Instagram)

In July, Christine's daughter Gwendlyn got married, and she and David were on hand to celebrate the special occasion.

Later in the month, the engaged couple traveled to Europe with several of Christine's children and made stops in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Christine shared several photos from the trip on her Instagram. David also thanked his bride-to-be for a wonderful adventure and added the hashtag #soulmates.

September 2023: Christine reveals how she and David met

A few weeks after Season 18 of "Sister Wives" premiered, Christine revealed that she and David were watching the third episode together.

"Ironically, Sister Wives just had a commercial break and advertised! It’s where I met David!" she captioned the post, with the hashtags, #meanttobe, #irony and #soulmates.

October 2023: Christine and David get married

Christine and David got married in Moab, Utah, on Oct. 7.

"I’m so blessed! I’ve married my best friend. @david__woolley and I are happy and honored to have been surrounded by so much love. It was an incredible experience with our family and friends. We’re finally married with the wedding of our dreams," she captioned pics from the wedding on Instagram.

Christine Brown also told People that the wedding was a "fairytale."

January 2024: Christine says she pursued David

During a "Sister Wives" wedding special that aired in January 2024, Christine recalled how she initiated the relationship with David.

"I stalked him. I found him and his profile was awesome so I found him online and it was all these great pictures. Sign me up for all of that. So I messaged him," she said.

David then explained that they started texting back and forth and Christine suggested that they meet in person.

"I went, 'Oh hey, she's aggressive,'" he joked.

"You know, I know what I want. I go for it," Christine replied.

Later in the episode, Christine offered some more insight into the timeline of her relationship with David. The topic came up when her daughter Mykelti Padron teased her that it was "a little soon" for her to get married since she'd only known David for a year.

Mykelti then explained that she met her husband Tony Padron years ago in October and and they got engaged just months later, in March of the following year. They wanted to get married in August, but Christine told them they hadn't known each other long enough.

“I’ve been telling everybody we met a year ago but it’s not true. We met 11 months ago and I told all of my kids that we met a year ago. Shh! Don't tell my children cause I told them they had to wait a year," Christine said in a confessional interview.

During the episode, Christine also acknowledged that her romance with David got serious very quickly.

"This has gone fast. It's gone fast. When I started dating, I wasn't ready to settle down. I was just gonna have fun," she said.

Christine actually had a second date lined up the same day she met David for the first time, and she quickly cancelled it after realizing how well she got along with him.

"After I met David, I cancelled the date with the other guy and I called my matchmaker and I just said, 'I'm done. I don't need your help anymore. So I found him," she said.

David also said he was equally excited to find his better half.

"I know 110% that it's the right thing to get married. I feel like I've found my unicorn where it's something that I didn't think I could touch but in reality I can, and it's awesome," he said.

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