Chris Christie: Romney's 'Gifts' Comments 'Divisive'

Ben Schreckinger
November 16, 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday added his name to a growing list of Republicans who are rebuking Mitt Romney over his “gifts” comments.

“You can't expect to be a leader of all the people and be divisive,” said Christie on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when asked if he agreed with fellow Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who was one of the first to criticize the former GOP nominee over the comments.

In a conference call with donors Wednesday, Romney said that minorities and young people voted for Obama because he offered them “gifts.”

Said Christie: “You have to talk about themes, policies that unite people. And play to their aspirations and their goals and their hopes for their family and their neighbors. And I always think this is scapegoating after elections. When you lose, you lost."

Jindal, an Indian-American and possible presidential candidate in 2016, quickly condemned Romney’s comments, calling them “absolutely wrong.”

Christie, who is also considered a possible candidate in four years, profusely praised President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy the week before the election, raising the ire of the Romney camp.