Chris Christie Can Take a Good Fat Joke

Alexander Abad-Santos

Suddenly-likable New Jersey Governor Chris Christie swung by the Late Show with David Letterman last night (with doughnut in hand) and poked fun at himself, Letterman, and his favorite fat jokes that the late night host has unleashed. Not that this was really in doubt, but Chris Christie is a fantastic sport.

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Now, again, we've heard our fair share of dumb, offensive fat jokes and fat humor is pretty much the low-hanging fruit of comedy. More often than not, they warrant eye-rolls. So consider the dilemma we're in when Christie drops in on Letterman, and actually gives him the okay for "about 40 percent" of his zingers. Here's the exchange and the highlight of last night's visit:

Letterman: I've made jokes about you -- not just ongoing and here or there -- intermittent but..... is it an issue or is it not an issue? You tell me how you see things.

Christie: I only care if you're funny. From my perspective, if the joke is funny, I laugh -- even if it's about me. If it's not funny, I don't laugh. But I've never felt that it's anything that bugged me all that much, no.

Letterman: Now what percentage of the jokes have you found funny?

Christie: About 40 percent ... roughly.

Letterman: That'll get you in the Hall of Fame.

Here's the video of the segment:

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Mitt Romney, how could you deny this man?