Chlorine shortage could hinder summertime plans

As temperatures warm up, pools are on the verge of opening for the season, but some pools may have a problem.

Due to a shortage of chlorine, some pools may not be able to open.

Chlorine is needed to keep pools safe by balancing their PH levels and killing germs.

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People and businesses are finding it hard to find and buy chlorine. Similar to other supplies, the shortage is due to supply chain issues happening across the world.

News Center Seven Dontre Drexelius spoke with Adam Hazenfield of Watson’s Pools about what exactly is going on.

“One of the big issues to have out there as the individual one-inch and three-inch tablets are in very short supply because of the chemicals used to make those products. You know, just you know there’s just a supply chain issue liquid chlorine, which we have for 16.99 a case with over 2000 cases and more coming in. Granular chlorine is perfectly fine. And all the tablets for our Aqua smart system are all in stock. There’s no shortages there,” said Hazenfield.

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