Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed an emergency shelter for girls into a cozy home

backyard shelter
They transformed the backyard. Courtesy of Magnolia Network
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  • Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed a girls' shelter on "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home."

  • The home became chic and functional thanks to durable furniture, fun colors, and versatile spaces.

  • New episodes of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" will be available from the Magnolia Network in July.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines revived "Fixer Upper" with "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home."

Chip and Joanna Gaines. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The show is produced by the Magnolia Network, and it became available for streaming on Discovery Plus on January 29.

The couple released the first four episodes of the show as part of a Magnolia Network preview.

The last of the teaser episodes was released on Discovery Plus on Friday.

In the latest episode, Chip and Joanna transformed an emergency shelter for girls.

joanna in shelter
The couple renovated an emergency shelter for girls. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Rather than working on a traditional house, Chip and Joanna put their design skills to use to renovate a shelter for girls.

The shelter is home to around 16 girls aged 5 to 21, and they typically stay in the shelter for around 90 days, as it's a transitional home between an emergency and a more long-term solution like foster care.

The 3,900-square-foot space has seven bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms.

Chip and Joanna worked with Barbara, who runs the shelter, and Trasha, a former resident of the shelter who now works there, on the renovation. They also collaborated with Joanna's sister Jenny, who volunteers at the shelter.

Barbara said the mission of the shelter is to "give each girl a chance to succeed."

In order to protect their privacy, the residents weren't featured in the episode.

Chip and Joanna focused on making the communal spaces of the shelter feel homey.

main room before after 2
The living room got a modern update. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

They turned the sparse living room into a cozy space with a plethora of seating.

They used leather furniture to make sure the room was durable for kids, but the bright colors make it feel welcoming.

The pattern on the ceiling added dimension to the space.

A window to the dining room connects the space to the rest of the home.

main room before after 1
The window is functional and decorative. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Trasha told Chip and Joanna it was important for her to be able to see the girls no matter what room she was in, so they turned a metal window into a decor focal point of the living room.

Now, Trasha and Barbara can watch the girls from the dining room while they relax.

The decor window also reflects the light from outside of the home as well, bringing even more brightness to the space.

Chip and Joanna designed the activity room to be versatile.

activity room before after 1
The open-concept space is practical for the girls. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The activity room serves multiple purposes for the girls, so the design duo arranged it to have chairs, lounge seating, and a desk area.

The built-in storage space and variety of seating areas ensure the residents can use the room for studying, artwork, or relaxation.

A statement archway surrounded by wildflower wallpaper connects it to the living room.

The reading nook is both functional and cute.

activity room before after 2
The nook is an added touch. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The curved bench creates additional seating in the space, and it creates a frame for the open shelving full of art supplies.

The shiplap backing on the nook nods to Chip and Joanna's signature style.

By opening up a wall in the dining room, the couple created a space where all 16 girls can eat together.

dining room before after
They can all eat together. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Chip and Joanna moved the built-in cabinetry to another wall, which made the dining room bigger.

The large dining room table can fit all of the residents of the home at once, and the pink walls give the space a feminine touch.

Built-in storage and a modern chandelier complete the room.

All of the bedrooms in the home were transformed into bright spaces.

bedroom before after
The bedrooms are customizable. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Spots on the walls make the room feel playful. In addition, each of the bedrooms has a different color scheme.

The beds in all of the rooms are uniform and basic, allowing the girls who live there to personalize them as they see fit.

And in this specific bedroom, Chip and Joanna removed drywall from the exterior wall to reveal a window, making the space brighter.

A garden in the shelter's backyard was the cherry on top of the renovation.

backyard shelter
They transformed the backyard. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The garden was simple and minimal, and it has flower beds with built-in irrigation so the girls don't have to water them.

They can plant in it or just play in a scenic area.

"This is just wonderful," Barbara said of the renovation. "It just speaks home. It speaks warmth. It speaks caring. It speaks perseverance."

"Now that it's renovated, it's gonna help me help the girls to understand that there can always be change, and it's OK to be with us even though it's not where they want to be," Trasha added.

New episodes of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" will be available in July.

chip and joanna in shelter
Chip and Joanna Gaines will release new episodes in July. Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The show will air on the Magnolia App and Discovery Plus this summer.

You can catch up on the series on Discovery Plus, and you can read more about the most recent episode here.

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