China's 'golden waterway' Yangtze River mysteriously turns 'blood red'


Sydney, Sept 10 (ANI): China' Yangtze River, flowing in the south-western region of the country, has mysteriously turned blood-red.

Chinese officials have blamed industrial pollution for the sudden discolouration of the renown river, the reports.

The Yangtze is called 'golden waterway' because of the heavy rainfall it receives year-round.

The river runs through Chongqing, the largest industrial and commercial center.

According to the report, the Yangtze is regarded as being too fast-flowing and large to generate a 'red tide' effect associated with bacteria infestations of low-oxygen ponds.

An industrial dye used in firework wrappers was blamed when another Chinese river, the Jian, turned red last year, the report said. (ANI)