Chili’s customers stunned by employee's alleged food prep video: ‘Did y’all think they made it fresh?’

Dillon Thompson
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Fans of the Chili’s molten lava cake, look away.

An alleged Chili’s employee is going viral after claiming to show how the chain makes its iconic chocolate dessert. The clip, which went viral on TikTok, has drawn more than 2 million views.

In the video, user @braddd738 shows a pre-made cake on an otherwise empty plate. Then, the alleged employee pops the lava cake into the microwave, and then heats it up.

“This is how ya make ur fav dessert at Chili’s,” the user claimed in their caption.

The video, which essentially claims that the dessert is pre-made and re-heated — instead of being made fresh — divided TikTok users. Some weren’t shocked in the slightest.

“Okay? I don’t see nothing wrong with it, I knew y’all wasn’t baking a cake back there,” one user wrote.

“Did y’all think they made it fresh? lol,” another added.

Others were far more disappointed. The Chili’s molten lava cake, technically called the Molten Chocolate Cake, is a staple dessert at the Tex-Mex chain.

“This crushed my soul,” one user wrote.

“Heartbreaking,” another added.

Many TikTokers, however, questioned why it mattered how chain makes its desserts. The molten lava cake, in many commenters’ minds “still slaps” no matter what.

“And Ima order it every time,” one user wrote.

“Is this supposed to stop us?” another commented.

The Chili’s molten lava cake TikTok is just the latest viral kitchen video to divide TikTokers. Over the past few months, users have shared the alleged processes behind Taco Bell’s beans, Chick-fil-A’s lemonade and McDonald’s McNuggets.

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