A Children’s Theater Hudson presents “Snow White Musicapalooza” June 14-16

A Children’s Theater Hudson will present “Snow White Musicapalooza” beginning June 14 at Barlow Community Center.

Theatergoers will join the live studio audience on a talk show, “Real Talk with Fairytale Legends,” where the seven dwarves tell the story of Snow White as the Fairytale Players bring it to life.

As each new dwarf takes a turn telling or singing different parts of Snow White’s famous story in his or her own unique voice, the players’ reenactment shifts to match the style and personality of that particular dwarf.

At any given moment, the story can be anything — romance, home improvement show, suspense, epic poetry, cooking show, stand-up routine, or blockbuster action movie. There’s even a “Miss Fairest of Them All” beauty pageant.

As the genres change to suit the story, so do the musical styles.

Eighth grade students completing their final year of the program are: front row, Isabelle Shaffer and Maris Ott; back row, Chloe Iafigliola, Addie Speaks, Carson Fox and Daniel Randazzo.

The theater's cast is comprised of area schoolchildren in grades three to eight. The actors include: Carson Fox, Daniel Randazzo, Ty Gambrel, Luke Huch, Jay Christian, Jake Jordan, Logan Carbone, Chase Burnheimer, Jackson Snyder, Jason Hackenberg, Chloe Iafigliola, Maris Ott, Addie Speaks, Isabelle Shaffer, Abby Herman, Isabella Millsaps, Aislynne Bedzyk, Saranya Basran, Murphy Van Valkenburg, Elexa Knoblock, Claire Powers, Anna Kalogerou, Stella Gutschmidt, Rylie Mook, Nora Kravec, Lauren Howard, Zoey Soulsby, Seraphina Voytilla, Allison Banozic, Mae Kieselbach, Dylan Gondek, Elyse Whitman, Evelyn Paolucci.

The play is directed by Beth Polen.

Performances will be held at Barlow Community Center, 41 S. Oviatt St. in Hudson, at 7 p.m. June 14, 15 and 16. Tickets will be available for $8 starting June 1 at www.showtix4u.com/event-details/74507.

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: A Children’s Theater Hudson presents “Snow White Musicapalooza” June 14-16