Child YouTube star Ryan Kaji adds lockdown fun

YouTube star Ryan Kaji brings lockdown fun

Courtesy: Ryan's World

The eight-year-old began his channel

to review toys for his audience

He was 2019's highest paid content creator

raking in $26 million


"Well, when I was three, I saw a bunch of other little kids on YouTube and I asked my mom if I could do it too and she said yes. So, we went to the store and then she asked me what I wanted and I said a LEGO train so for the video we got a LEGO train. And the whole point of the channel was for our other family members to watch but then a bunch of other people started joining in and I found out that I was famous when I went to school and a bunch of other people said that they watched my videos."

Since lockdown began

Kaji has pivoted his focus

His content now involves

fun indoor activities

and educational interviews with experts

for his 25.8+ million followers


"We got a lot of positive responses. Especially there's a video where we had a Q and A video interviewing U.S. healthcare expert Andy Slavitt and Ryan asked his own questions to him and a lot of those questions were coming not only from himself but other of his fans too so a lot of the questions were what kids were wondering about."