Child’s remains found in concrete in Colorado storage unit fuels homicide investigation

Colorado police are attempting to locate a 10-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl after a child’s remains were discovered encased in concrete in a metal container inside a storage unit near the state’s border with New Mexico last month.

“During the investigation, the metal container was searched, and the remains of a child were located within the container,” the Pueblo Police Department said in a statement announcing the homicide investigation on Wednesday.

Southern Colorado cops identified the children they’re looking for as Jesus and Yesenia Dominguez, who haven’t been seen since the summer of 2018. The children were never reported missing, according to 9News in Denver. Police have reportedly tried to make welfare checks on the children, but have been unsuccessful.

“Pueblo Police would like to confirm the location and safety of these children,” the department clarified Wednesday.

The investigation is being led by the Pueblo Police Special Victims Unit and the Pueblo Police Crime Scene Investigations Unit.

The Pueblo County Coroner’s office will identify the remains discovered Jan. 10 after the appropriate notifications have been made, according to police. The connection between the remains and the missing children is currently unclear.

Authorities are looking for tips that might be helpful and warn that the nature of their investigation may change with new evidence and information. They said two people have been interviewed in connection to the case without offering further details.

The metal container is believed to have been found in Kings Storage Center, which is across the street from the Dennis Maes Pueblo Judicial Building, according to CBS News.