Child calls 911 after mom is shot in chest during fight over loud music, Texas cops say

A mom of three was shot in the chest after an argument over loud music spiraled out of control, Texas police told news outlets.

The shooting happened just before 2 a.m. on June 7 at an apartment complex in Converse, according to a San Antonio Police Department release.

Witnesses said they saw the 31-year-old victim banging on the door to the suspect’s apartment, and an argument soon began, police said.

The victim is a mother of three who went upstairs to confront her neighbor about loud music coming from their apartment, police told WOAI.

The argument escalated and eventually led to the parking lot, where the suspect shot the woman, then fled, according to police.

Wounded, the woman made it back inside her apartment and one of her young children called 911, KENS5 reported. The kids — all between ages 3 and 8 — could be heard crying over the phone, WOAI said.

She was taken to a hospital, and her “injuries are not life threatening” following surgery, police said.

Police believe the man who shot her was not her neighbor, but a man visiting him, KSAT reported. But the neighbor also ran from the scene with the suspect, the station said.

Police are searching for the suspect, and an investigation is underway.

Converse, a suburb of San Antonio, is roughly 15 miles northwest of the city’s downtown.

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