Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes on why it’s important to have his kids at Super Bowl

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t have what you’d consider a normal childhood, and that’s not only because of his freakish athletic ability.

Mahomes also got to spend a great deal of time around professional athletes because his father, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, brought his son to his games.

It’s a reason why 2-year-old daughter, Sterling, and 1-year-old son, Bronze are with Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, in Nevada ahead of Super Bowl LVIII.

“A lot of what I’ve become was being in the locker room and seeing professional athletes and how hard they work, how they have to strive to be great every single day,” Mahomes said. “I’m hoping I can make those memories for my kids. Obviously they’re still young. Being able to have them at the Super Bowl and hopefully win it and be down in that confetti, it’s something that hopefully they’ll be able to remember for a long time.

“Sterling was able to enjoy it this last year. Bronze hasn’t been able to enjoy it yet, so the goal is to get him down there and get him out there with the red and yellow confetti on the field.”

Even if Bronze doesn’t get an opportunity to be on the Allegiant Stadium field after Super Bowl LVIII, Mahomes said the kids are having a good time.

There’s been just one drawback as it’s been unseasonably cold in Las Vegas than back home in Kansas City.

“This week is awesome for them because they get to come, basically we call it vacation. So they get to go on a vacation,” Mahomes said before he joked about the 40-degree temperatures. “We were hoping for a little warmer weather. I’m sorry Vegas, coming from Kansas City, minus-30, I thought we were going to get like 70 out here.

“But being able to be out here and enjoy it with the family, it’s those lifelong memories that we’ll be able to always have.”