Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes agrees to Shaq’s 2-on-2 basketball game with one stipulation

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined the “NBA on TNT” crew on Thursday before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals to talk about “The Match” golf event.

Other topics were discussed, including Mahomes’ ankle. During the AFC Divisional playoff win over the Jaguars, Mahomes suffered a high-ankle sprain that affected him during the Super Bowl run.

“It’s good.,” Mahomes said. “It definitely took a lot longer than I expected to heal but at this point now, I’ve been able to run around, hit some golf balls, throw the football around, do whatever. And I’ve been in a good spot. I’ve actually been working on my jump shot too. So I’m going to have to show you all that at some point.”

The jump-shot comment piqued the interest of Shaquille O’Neal, who issued a challenge to Mahomes and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“I see what you did. You told us about your jump shot,” Shaq said. “So that means you and Travis are challenging me and Kenny (Smith), Aug. 19. The match, anytime anyplace.”

That started a fun interaction.

Mahomes said: “Free throws only.”

Shaq: “Nope, 2-on-2 only.”

Mahomes: “Two-on-2? I don’t know about that, man.”

Shaq: “Why not? You’re working on your jump shot.”

Mahomes: “You’re not moving very well, so I might have a chance.”

Shaq: “Actually, I did get a new hip.”

Charles Barkley then said it’s actually 2 1/2-on-2.

Shaq asked: “Who’s the half?”

Barkley responded: “You. You’re the one and a half, big fella.”

Shaq: “I know you’re fat ass didn’t just call me one and a half.”

That broke everyone up.

When the conversation was winding down, Shaq reiterated his challenge: “Don’t be scared of that 2-on-2.”

“If we go 2-on-2 basketball,” Mahomes said, “I need Shaq to try to guard Trav one time in football, too.”

“Deal!” Shaq said.

Here is the full conversation, and for the record, the Chiefs play the Cardinals in a preseason game on Aug. 19 (and Chiefs general manager Brett Veach may not approve of a 2-on-2 game either).