Chiefs have celeb fans Taylor Swift and Paul Rudd. Ravens have … ‘a fat, balding man’?

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It took just a nanosecond for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens to inspire a shadow war: Battle of the Celebrity Superfans.

Do we really have to tell you why?

And is there anyone bigger than Taylor Swift at the moment? The Ravens are very self-aware.

They’ve got her. We’ve got Stavvy,” the Ravens cheekily declared Tuesday on their website. “As soon as Ravens fans knew their team was facing the Chiefs in the AFC Championship, the battle of the celebrities began.

“It’s Taylor Swift vs. Stavros Halkias.”

Um, who?

Stavros, a stand-up comedian who goes by Stavvy or Ronnie, his Ravens superfan character, grew up in Baltimore’s Greektown neighborhood, or as he says: “I grew up in season two of ‘The Wire.’”

His second comedy special, “Fat Rascal,” is currently on Netflix.

Right now, “there may be nobody that personifies Baltimore better than Stavros,” Ryan Mink, editorial director for the Ravens, wrote on the team’s website this week. “And with the Swift show coming to town, fans are holding up Stavvy like a badge of honor.”

Stavros, known for his ribald humor, is blunt.

“Do you want a billionaire international pop star?” Stavros told Mink. “Or do you want a fat, balding man who is barely a celebrity by the most charitable standards and lives and dies with his team?

“Those are your options here, folks.”

No question that Swift’s romance with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has brought unprecedented international attention to the Chiefs this season. But she’s a Jane-come-lately compared to all the celebrities who cheer for the Chiefs, some for decades.

The short list includes Kansas Citians Jason Sudeikis, Eric Stonestreet, Heidi Gardner of “Saturday Night Live” and Brad Pitt, who grew up in Springfield, Missouri.

The longer list includes Henry Winkler, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson, Janelle Monáe, Miranda Lambert and Melissa Etheridge, who recently appeared in a parody Hallmark Christmas movie about the playoffs.

Oh, and those two superheroes: “Ant-Man” Paul Rudd and “Superman” Henry Cavill, who talked Swift and the Chiefs in a new interview this week with Entertainment Tonight.

Swift took A-list friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to the Chiefs-Jets game in New Jersey in October.

“The country might be watching Taylor Swift — and we have a lot of respect for her — but our eyes will be on the field this Sunday,” Jenny Scullin, founder of a group of Kansas City area Ravens fans called The Midwest Nest, told The Star this week.

The group is the only “flock” of Ravens fans in KC officially acknowledged by the team.

“It’s really cool to have celebrities at the game but the stars Sunday are without a doubt our Ravens players!” Scullin said.

Who are the Ravens’ celebrity fans?

The Ravens recognize Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps as their best-known fan. He has shown up on the field on game days.

Being Michael Phelps has lots of perks, like being able to take photos of your dogs with the Vince Lombardi trophy, as he did in 2013 after the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

In August 2016, the Ravens stopped a preseason game to watch Phelps on the stadium’s big screen win one of five gold medals at the summer Olympics in London.

New York Knicks legend Carmelo Anthony is a Ravens fan, too.

We will spare you his prediction of which teams make it to the Super Bowl. But if you must know …

Actress Stacy Keibler, a retired wrestler inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year, is a fan, too. Baltimore is her hometown and she was one of the first Ravens cheerleaders before she became a WWE star (and George Clooney’s former girlfriend).

Actors Josh Charles of “The Good Wife” and Ed Norton are fans, too. Three-time Oscar nominee Norton (Brad Pitt’s co-star in “Fight Club”) narrated the “America’s Game” documentary about the Ravens after they won Super Bowl XLVII.

Charles is considered the team’s most devoted celebrity fan. He’s sort of Baltimore’s Jason Sudeikis, who wears his hometown pride on his sleeve and roots for both the Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. He was ecstatic to announce a Ravens pick at the 2022 NFL Draft.

And here’s a bit of Ravens urban legend: Charles allegedly once turned down a role because it involved Sunday work and he didn’t want to miss any Ravens games.

Food Network star Duff Goldman is a huge Ravens fan. The “Ace of Cakes” star told People last year that he became a fan in college, about the time the newly minted Ravens played their first home game in Baltimore in the mid-90s. “I liked their swagger,” the chef said.

He’s all in.

“If they win, the sun shines a little brighter,” he told People. “If they lose, I try not to spiral into depression.”

The Ravens credit quarterback Lamar Jackson for attracting entertainers from the world of rap — the late Biz Markie, Kodak Black and Quavo from the rap trio Migos all caught “Lamar-mania.”

Jackson appeared in a music video with Black and rapper Loe Shimmy; they’re all childhood friends from Pompano Beach, Florida. In 2021, Jackson and others successfully petitioned president Donald Trump to grant immunity to the philanthropic Black, who had served nearly half of a 46-month prison sentence for making a false statement on a federal document.

For a hot second, Texas native Matthew McConaughey cheered for the Ravens.

In August 2019, the Oscar winner appeared at the Ravens game against Washington’s NFL team. The team posted a photo of him talking with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. He also took a selfie with fellow Texan Justin Tucker, the Ravens’ placekicker. (Rucker can apparently do a mean McConaughey impression.)

Then in October 2020 when Ravens rookie wide receiver Devin Duvernay scored the first kickoff return touchdown of the season on “Monday Night Football” — against the Chiefs — McConaughey gave him props on Twitter.

Speaking of social media, if celebrities who follow or have followed the Ravens on X, formerly Twitter, can be considered fans, then add actress Melissa Joan Hart, electro house musician Steve Aoki, comedians Frank Caliendo and Pauly Shore, and rappers Big Boi and Vanilla Ice to the list.

Zendaya coulda been superfan?

Before Travis Kelce made his bold move asking Swift out, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey took a shot at making a love connection with actress/singer Zendaya.

Humphrey is the Raven who’s most active on social media.

Zendaya, who years ago sang the national anthem at a Ravens game on Thanksgiving, was dating fellow actor Tom Holland when the first-round draft pick made his move to woo her away from “Spider-Man.”

His pitch in August 2022 went viral.

But it was a cruel summer.

“Zendaya ain’t happening brother,” a fellow dude warned him.

She’s still dating Holland.