Chicago weather: Windy, wet start to the week

CHICAGO - Chicagoans can expect a mixed bag of weather over the next few days, with mild temperatures and a blend of cloudy skies and showers.

Overnight on Sunday, we'll see cloudy conditions with temperatures remaining in the 40s.

Monday will bring windy, wet, and warm weather, with showers expected to develop and gusts reaching up to 40 mph. Daytime highs will hover around 60 degrees, making it a relatively warm start to the week.

The wettest period is anticipated late Monday night and into Tuesday morning, with thunderstorms likely during the early hours of Tuesday. Despite the stormy start, daytime temperatures are expected to reach near 56 degrees.

As the week progresses, Chicagoans can expect partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40s on Wednesday, with temperatures rising to the 50s for the remainder of the week.