Chicago police boost training, protocols ahead of DNC after George Floyd protest criticism

CHICAGO - In a little over two months from now, the Democratic National Convention will be in Chicago.

There are questions about whether Chicago police are ready after mistakes were made during the George Floyd protests.

On Thursday, CPD showed us officers in real scenarios on the frontlines during the protest.

According to the department, 2,500 officers are receiving 48 hours of updated training to prepare for the DNC.

Every day, they will all go through inspections where they must show their star number and name at all times and a supervisor reviews their uniform. That's to prevent the use of force.

This comes after Chicago's Office of the Inspector General released a report in 2021, saying CPD's response to the civil unrest after the death of George Floyd was "underequipped" and "underprepared" for large-scale public demonstrations.

The department said officers are learning how to protect themselves if items are thrown at them.

There's a new protocol for relief for officers that have been on the front lines of protests too long as a de-escalation tactic.

The Secret Service will provide security inside the perimeter of the United Center. Everything else outside of that, CPD will have to cover.

Chicago Superintendent Larry Snelling said his department is prepared for that and to handle crime elsewhere.

"We want to make sure that every neighborhood has a police force that can respond to crime and criminal activity that's occurring in their neighborhood, especially that of a violent nature," Snelling said.

Snelling said arrests and use of force will happen, but only as a last resort.