Chicago Chinatown Restaurant Owner Donates Weekly Meals to Asian Seniors

A Chinatown restaurant owner in Chicago has been donating meals once a week to Asian seniors for over three months. Jackson Chiu, who owns 312 Fish Market, has made a variety of dishes for these seniors, from California rolls to unagi don tamago. His restaurant "started with the idea to bring great quality fish to the local community," according to its website.

"Every Monday we feed two senior buildings in Chinatown," Chiu told ABC 7. "We're not strange faces, we're regular faces. So when they see us, they get so happy." Chiu also shared that his weekly donations are not sponsored by any business other than his own. However, Chinatown's Chiu Quon Bakery and 88 Market Place are collaborating with Chiu to provide their vegetables, fruits and buns to the elderly.

"A lot of the seniors eat the same thing over and over again on a regular basis," Chiu shared. "And having something different really does change their mindset." Chiu sees giving these weekly meals as a way to thank the seniors who have contributed to developing his community. "By us giving back we're trying to work together," he declared. "As a small community like Chinatown, we have to work together in order to stay stronger." Feature Image via ABC 7 News

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