Chicago among top 10 worst U.S. cities for drivers, Forbes reports

CHICAGO - Chicago has ranked high on another list, but this time, it's not for the best reason.

According to a new report from Forbes, Chicago was named the seventh-worst city to drive in out of 47 of the U.S.'s most populated cities.

Forbes determined the rankings based on four main categories: driving experience, safety, cost of car ownership and access to car maintenance.

Oakland, Calif. topped the list for the worst city to drive in, followed by Miami and San Francisco.

New York City came in sixth, followed by Chicago in the seventh spot with a score of 84.92 out of 100.

"Chicago, Ill. drivers spend the highest amount of time in traffic among the cities we analyzed, and as a result, drivers spend the most on gas thanks to traffic congestion," Forbes said.

The Windy City tied with NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Boston for having the slowest average downtown speed of 11 miles per hour, Forbes said.

Chicago and Boston were both recognized for having the slowest average rush hour speed of 18 miles per hour.

And, due to the traffic congestion, Chicago was also noted for having the fifth-longest average commute time at 34 minutes and 30 seconds.

Traffic congestion takes a toll on drivers' wallets, especially in the Windy City. According to Forbes, Chicago drivers spend the most money on gas, coming in at $2,618 each year.

If you have an electric vehicle, you may notice a lack of charging stations around town.

Forbes said Chicago was ranked as having the 10th fewest charging stations, at 1.05 per 10,000 residents.

To read the full report, follow this link.