Chefs from El Bulli to open their own restaurant in Spain

AFP Relax NewsApril 18, 2012
A trio of chefs from El Bulli have announced plans to open their own restaurant in Spain.

Three of the chefs de cuisine from the fabled but now shuttered El Bulli restaurant in Spain have announced plans to open their own restaurant. But instead of avant-garde, haute gastronomy, theirs will be an informal eatery where the fare will be casual and “easy to understand.”

According to, the new restaurant is slated to open at the end of the month in the town of Cadaques, not far from their old stomping grounds of Cala Montjoi along the Costa Brava.

And while under Ferran Adrià, the trio of chefs pushed the boundaries of traditional cuisine to perform daily feats of kitchen alchemy and wizardry, their new restaurant Compartir –- which means to share in English -–  will be a big departure, offering simple, unpretentious food they said will be “easy to understand.” Dishes will also be moderately priced.

Like its name, the restaurant will be based on the concept of sharing and offer between 35 to 40 small plates or snack, reports

The three chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, have cooked together for 14 years and will continue to work with Adrià at the El Bulli Foundation, which will serve as a culinary think tank for gastronomy.

In addition to the foundation, Adrià also has plans to launch an online encyclopedia devoted to all things food and gastronomy. The culinary version of Wikipedia is to be named La Bullipedia.