Chef José Andrés on IDF strike that killed 7 of his World Central Kitchen workers: “They were targeted systematically."

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Chef José Andrés is not mincing words after Israeli strikes killed seven aid workers from his World Central Kitchen charity.

On Wednesday, he sat down for an emotional interview with Reuters, saying the World Central Kitchen workers were “targeted systematically, car by car” by the Israel Defense Forces. He called for neutral investigations by the United States and the governments of each of the seven aid workers.

“This looks like it’s not a war against terrorism anymore,” Andrés said in the interview. “It seems this is a war against humanity itself.”

In a New York Times op-ed titled “Let People Eat,” Andrés called on the Israeli government to “open more land routes for food and medicine” and to “stop killing civilians and aid workers today.” He also called out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by name. He also confirmed that his charity was in communication with IDF before the attack and that the Israeli government was aware of the aid workers’ movements within Gaza.