Cheeto Cannons, Wookies Smoking Cigarettes and More

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Yahoo News presents Procrastinaut, a Tumblr to divert you from whatever it is you are supposed to be doing.

Clearly the bombshell story of the week is the completely shocking report suggesting that RadioShack may be in financial trouble. That’s too mind-boggling to contemplate! So disemboggle with the latest highlights from the Procrastinaut Tumblr, where @gilbertjasono and I collect top-quality distractions throughout the week (join our 9,789 witty and attractive followers here), plus a few extra delights.

Cart Arts: It’s been more than a week since the Fourth of July. Do you still love America? Renew your faith by experiencing the artistry of Shopping Cart Drill Teams.

Post-Bloat Microsoft: Explained in this lean, nimble memo.

Unusable Interface: If you’re interested in the imagined computer interfaces depicted in old movies and TV shows, you are in luck. Use GUI to click through Andy Baio’s “secret stash” of screenshots of fictional interfaces, and visit Waxy for the back story, and many more such resources.

What Are We Doing With Our Cognitive Surplus? Building Cheeto cannons. (Cut to the climax here.)

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Snazzy Disguise: Just because you want to be anonymous doesn’t mean you don’t want to stand out, right? Actually it might mean precisely that. But I still like Animal New York’s idea to offer a more diverse array of designs for the classic Guy Fawkes mask used by Anonymous.

Google Map As Sculpture: A soothing addition to the Googleheim and/or its annex. Courtesy of @JanRobertLeegte.

Facebook Fan Counts In The Physical World: Dislike.

Leap Motion + Arduino = Pixar Lamp in real life! (Bonus Procrastinaut-exclusive GIF.)

Robot of the Week: The seven-foot-four-inch, 330-pound humanoid Atlas robot doesn’t look ready for the NBA — but it (uh, he?) is still pretty unnerving. A demo video gets interesting about 45 seconds in, and the best bit is Atlas shaking off a smack from a wrecking-ball thingy that seems to have been borrowed from Looney Tunes.

Retro Product of the Week: Here are some telegram-style thank you cards.

Lifestyle Photography Featuring Wookies: Why not?

Don’t Forget: Play the best robot vacuum simulation game ever, according to me.

Thrilling Conclusion: Gong solo!

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