Check out these wild Boeing 787-9 maneuvers you’ll hopefully never have to experience

Chris Smith
July 16, 2014

Boeing has a new gigantic Dreamliner ready to fly you to a hot destination, Engadget reports, and the company decided to demo the longer 787-9 variant at the Farnborough Airshow in London. To highlight the new aircraft’s powers, 787-9 pilots performed various extreme maneuvers, like steep takeoffs and high-bank turns off the ground – or the kind of airplane action you’ll hopefully never have to experience yourself – with Boeing recording the whole experience on video.

The demo flight was performed with a very light load on board, with pilots showing off airplane capabilities that aren’t likely to be actually used during regular flights.

The 787-9 is expected to start commercial service this fall, with Air New Zealand being one of the first airlines to rely on Boeing’s new Dreamliner.

The airplane is longer than its predecessors, and it’s able to seat as many as 280 passengers, having a range of 9,600 miles or 15,400km. The Dreamliner has a higher maximum take-off weight and higher fuel capacity making it an even better fit for longer flights.

An even bigger 787-10 model is also in the works.

A video showing the impressive maneuvers the 787-9 is capable of follows below, while more information about the new Dreamliner are available at the source links.

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