Check out this college woman’s amazing, picturesque thighs


At Emerson College, an offbeat school in Boston dedicated to communications and performing arts, there’s a student who draws amazingly intricate and lifelike illustratoins on her leg.

Naturally, the whole thing has gone viral. Because, you know, the Internet.

As senior Jody Steel has explained in a number of interviews by now, she draws what she likes—cats, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, characters from Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, whatever.

Steel seems to prefer her right thigh as the membrane canvas for her masterpieces, which don’t last. She has told interviewers that she washes the ink off at night. On the one hand, that seems sort of sad. On the other hand, as Ken Kesey frequently reminded the Merry Pranksters, “art is not eternal.”


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Check out this college woman's amazing, picturesque thighs

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