LIVE! Chat with global biker Jay - Monday, May 13, 2013 - 2:30 PM

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Jay Kannaiyan
Born in India and raised in Africa, JAY KANNAIYAN has been moving from a young age. After completing the duties of college, getting a job and buying a house, he threw it all away and got on a motorcycle. He sold everything except all that fit on the back of his Suzuki DR650 and left Chicago in March 2010 to ride back to India via South America and Africa. He is halfway through his journey and is now in Kenya with plans to circumnavigate Africa, cut across the Middle East and get down to India by end 2013. His mechanical knowledge shows through during breakdowns and his Indian character is reinforced when he prepares chicken curries for his hosts. Follow his journey at JammingGlobal

It's been an exciting ten days on Jammin thru India, as Yahoo! India Travel keeps track of global biker Jay Kannaiyan's exciting 8,000-km motorcycle ride from Chennai to Delhi via Kanyakumari and Kashmir. Jay, who has travelled with sanDrina, his Suzuki DR650, across 32 countries on four continents, is currently on the move along the western coast of India, discovering his motherland. Jay will drop anchor in Mumbai on for the weekend as he makes short work of what is usually a long, lazy ride from Goa.

And now is a perfect time for a chat. Ask or tweet your questions with the hashtag #jamminindia. Jay will answer your questions and interact with Yahoo! readers on Monday, May 13 at 2:30 PM. Sign up now to be reminded and join the live chat.

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