Chart: Daily Deal Sites Take Summer Nose-Dive in Traffic

Earlier today we noted that people seem to be sick of deal-of-the-day websites. There just isn't the demand for daily coupon deals that was once thought to exist. Facebook and Yelp are reducing their forays into the coupon market while smaller niche coupon projects are going out of business. Only a few daily coupon websites will survive the bubble burst.

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Those survivors will likely include the two big players in online couponing today: Groupon and LivingSocial. But even they are hurting, according to data according to data from web-tracker Kantar Media Compete graphed above in today's Chart of the Day. Through both sites show tremendous year-over-year growth from last July, unique visits are down 8.9 percent for Groupon and 28 percent of LivingSocial from June to July of this year, according to Crain's Chicago. Why the sudden drop in traffic to the two sites? Compete's Matt Pace explains:

Two factors may have contributed to the July declines for, and other daily deal sites ... First, with so many new entrants saturating the daily deals space, deal fatigue may be setting in with consumers. But the most likely factor is seasonality, as summer vacations disrupt normal routines. This says a lot about summer web surfing behavior, something that marketers may want to explore a bit more closely.

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