Charlie Sheen Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Access Hollywood

Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance during Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

The former "Two and a Half Men" star took the stage during Mark Cuban's interview to cheers from the studio audience.

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"How we doing? How we doing?" Charlie asked the screaming crowd.

Before taking a seat with Mark, Charlie leaned into Jimmy and planted a kiss on the late night host.

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"I can't stay, silence! I have a show to write, dammit!" Charlie told the crowd, as he pulled various t-shirts out of a bag emblazoned with Sheen-isms like "winning" and "I have tiger's blood in me" printed under a picture of a kitten.

The actor then tossed the shirts into the crowd as they cheered further.

"I had this dream before, and it doesn't end well," Jimmy joked.

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"Me too, but mine ends well," Charlie said.

"You getting enough sleep? Everything all right?" Jimmy asked Charlie

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"Your lips are very moist, yes my man," Charlie said.

The actor then gave Jimmy a mug with a picture of a fox on it.

"Why the fox? Are you moving away from the tiger?" Jimmy asked.

"I'll let you try and figure it out my man," Charlie said, and then disappeared as quickly as he showed up.

Watch Charlie's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance, HERE!

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