Charles Dickens' home gets decked out for Christmas

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STORY: “So when people think of Dickens, they often think of Christmas.”

The home once belonging to Charles Dickens is decked out for the Christmas season

Location: London

The English 19th-century author wrote his novels at 48 Doughty Street

It has since become the Charles Dickens Museum

(Frankie Kubicki, Deputy Director, The Charles Dickens Museum)

“Dickens loved to celebrate Christmas. We know from his daughter that he took a week off. He enjoyed the celebrations, the fun, the games, carving meat. He was wonderful at carving turkeys and other dishes. And so I think that enthusiasm runs through his life, his books, and we love to celebrate that here at the museum.”

The exhibit features original items such as the wash house copper from ‘A Christmas Carol’

and the rediscovered portrait of Dickens that went missing for over 150 years

(Emma Harper, Curator, The Charles Dickens Museum)

“So the lost portrait is a wonderful image of Dickens as a young man. It really captures a moment in time whilst he's writing 'A Christmas Carol.'”