Give To Charity This Holiday Season With These 5 Apps

Kate Freeman
Give To Charity This Holiday Season With These 5 Apps

Are charitable donations on your holiday to-do list this year?

The American Red Cross says despite the public outpouring of donations in 2012 people are still willing to give more this holiday season.

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According to the American Red Cross' study, 56% of people make donations in-person, 52% send donations by mail and only 21% use a charity's website. No mention of using apps to donate, but considering how the popularity of smartphone shopping really took off this holiday season, it's possible apps for making donations will grow in popularity in the future, too.

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We know you're using your mobile devices more than ever -- for everything from shopping, to researching health information to playing games. And since you're willing to make purchases on your mobile device, why not donations, too?

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An increasingly popular gift idea is to give a donation on behalf of the receiver to their favorite charity or organization. Donors can even encourage their social networks to donate, by sharing the news of their charitable gift on Facebook or Twitter from a number of websites.

Mashable has rounded up some apps that let you make donations and give to various charities through a variety of ways. Check out our gallery to see the apps.


Low on cash? Catalista is an Android and iPhone app that lets you donate time to causes in your community that matter to you. Search for opportunities based on interest, skills, location and time. Contact the organizations on Facebook. One commenter on the iTunes store says the app "is the Craigslist of volunteering."

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