Charges could come again both dog owners in Calgary pitbull attack

The Canadian Press
Associated Press

CALGARY - A Calgary bylaw official says charges could be laid against both dog owners in an attack by three pitbulls at an off-leash park Monday.

A Pomeranian named Patrick died of his injuries, while another dog, a Great Pyrenees named Maximus, was badly injured.

The pitbulls have been seized by Calgary Animal Services and are to have behaviour tests to see whether they should be returned to their owner or be destroyed.

The co-ordinator for Calgary's animal and bylaw services says the pitbulls were on leashes and were approached by the other canines who were off leash.

Doug Anderson says the owner of the pitbulls has been charged with causing a dog's death and for failing to license his animals.

Anderson says the other owner could also be charged for not keeping animals under control.